Tree at Pittock Mansion

Charlotte is an avid photographer and loves landscapes, seascapes and flowers. This photo was taken on the grounds of the Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR.


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  1. Edward says:

    Wow! Nice pop when you sign on.

  2. Kevin says:

    nice color scheme, easy to use layout, large white predators, what more can one ask for?

  3. Karin says:

    I love the header..script with pen nib…very artistic!

  4. Felicia says:

    I love it!

  5. Beth says:

    I love it almost as much as I love the books! Kitties, trees and books woohoo!

  6. Ron says:

    It's beautiful…congratulations!

  7. Jerry Warren says:

    Congratulations Charlotte… great author and great site.

  8. Kas says:

    Jerry has done a great job on the website! Kudos to him….and you too, for the hours of fun readin

  9. Joyce Borel says:

    Congratulations! You certainly are a busy lady. Do you ever sleep? I'm looking forward to you

  10. Joyce Borel says:

    My message get cutoff
    mid-sentence. I'm looking to your next book. Happy Mother's

  11. Bob Bloom says:

    I've read the first three in your "Oregon Territory" series and can't wait for number four

  12. Gail B. says:

    Just ordered "Anna" and am excited to read it.

  13. Crissi (granddaughter) says:

    I just wanted you to know I think my favorite books would have to be all of them except anna I haven

  14. Jerry Warren says:

    I love the photos.. author, grandmother and a photographer… wow!!

  15. Cathi (daughter) says:

    Way to go!!!! You always said that we could accomplish anything we wanted, and now you have shown us

  16. Laura (psycho friend) says:

    Charlotte, you rock!

  17. Kelly says:

    What a wonderful site, congratulations on your success!

  18. Jerry Warren II says:

    Look exactly as I remember except unfortunately we all age. lol

  19. John and Dorothy says:

    This is a beautiful web site. Congratulations on your accomplshments. We enjoyed the pictures from t

  20. Marvin Johnson says:


  21. Holly Witham says:

    Great website…interesting subject matter…extremely intelligent felines! Who could ask for more?

  22. Grace Conley, Golden,CO says:

    Write another mystery. I loved Chris & Eleanor. Please.

  23. Patti Moore says:

    I met you going to Kansas last Friday. Thanks for the bookmark.Love your site. Going to order some b

  24. Carol Lindsay says:

    I met you at Gate 62 Denver a week ago in case you're wondering. Nice website. Looks like inter

  25. Carol Lindsay says:

    Looks like interesting reading. Thanks for telling me about it.

  26. Jerry Warren says:

    Good works grams

  27. Russell says:

    Happy Birthday Char!

  28. Beth says:

    The House looks like it is so going to rock! Love all the others so far keep it up.

  29. Abby Parsons says:

    Just finished Bethany. Nice story.The recipes are great!! Thanks.

  30. Sharon Bruno says:

    trying to get here I found a clip about Becky. Really a good book, now to read the rest. thanks for

  31. Sharon Bruno says:

    the history lesson.

  32. Georgia Harrison says:

    can't wait for the next book… fire on!

  33. Jerry Warren says:

    A grandson proud of his grams. Happy XMas and loves.

  34. James Dowdell says:

    Thank uoi for letting me see your website

  35. Michael McCormick says:

    I like the picture from the grounds of the Pittock Mansion. I have been there many times to see the

  36. Layton Eversaul says:

    There is more to you than meets the eye. You are a very inspiring person.

  37. Renaud G says:

    Thanks for letting me visit your website.
    Are you a novellist?

  38. Jerry III says:

    Love the new updates on the website. Nice new picture on your author page. 😉

  39. Becky Rogers says:

    Been trying to order Amanda but the publishers website is down. Book looks great.

  40. Becky Rogers says:

    Finally got Amanda. It was worth the wait. Best of the series!!

  41. Richard Tyler, Chicago says:

    Started your OR series in the middle So interesting I've now read them all. Great history; good stories.

  42. Heidi Urgson says:

    Have ordered Eve. It sounds like it should be really good. Love your site.

  43. John F. says:

    Hi, Charlotte, these books sound like they may have some of the fresh energy of the Little House books-

  44. Heidi U says:

    "Eve" is all I thought it would be. Great story.

  45. Cristine Reeve says:

    Hey Charlotte! Have I ever told you that I love the Little House on the Prarie? I love stories about settlers/pioneers. I can't wait to start rea

  46. Brenda Logan says:

    Thank you for a lovely love story. Eve was a good read.

  47. Ozzie - W Virginia says:

    My daughter insisted I read your book Eve. I am glad she did. I really enjoyed the story and learned something about Portland.

  48. Hazel Thomas, Iowa says:

    What a delight to find a new author! Loved your Oregon books.

  49. Rhonda Grace says:

    Haven't read your books yet, but just found ya.Your doing awesome at a young age of 72. Looking good. Bless Always, Rhonda

  50. Barbara Redding says:

    I found a few spelling errors in Eve but not enough to diminish the great story line. Thanks.

  51. Abby Grayson, LaPorte IN says:

    When will the new book be out? Sounds very intriguing. Looking forward to it.

  52. Abby Stone says:

    Nearly fell over when I saw your new title. I'm on the East Coast – Maine. Looking forward to this book for sure!!

  53. Richard Levesque says:

    When is this Sam book going to be released? Sounds different from some of your others.

  54. Richard Levesque says:

    Sam is different from the rest – and very good. I enjoyed it immensely.

  55. Amanda Deas says:

    GO CHARLOTTE! :] I am going to read one of your books very soon!

  56. Abby Stone says:

    Wow! My namesake is adventureous. Looking forward to book #2 now. Loved the first. Keep 'em coming.

  57. Penny Wright, Ocala FL says:

    Received "BUMP" for Christmas. I love it.

  58. Jason Humprey says:

    Stumbled onto your books looking for something else on Amazon. Really like the 3 I've read and plan to read more. Thanks.
    J. Humprey, KC, KS

  59. Patricia Hedley says:

    Finally, an author that tells a story without confusing it. Thank you for Eve.

  60. Rich Hardy says:

    Are you going to write any more pioneer books? These 4 are great. Oregon's a big state you know.

  61. Patsy Rogers, San Jose Ca says:

    How's the new book coming? Can I hurry you along by saying please?

  62. Patsy Rogers says:

    Guess I should check back more often. I see the new book is here! Yeah1

  63. Tom Marston says:

    Liked the eerieness of The House and Sam. Good stories.

  64. Redding, PA says:

    Keep up the good writing.

  65. Peggy Ambrose says:

    Great new detective! Thanks. Enjoyed the trip to Bump

  66. Lee Parss says:

    OMG you really did it this time! The Letters was different; truly great.

  67. Prud Larsson says:

    I love the shortnesss of your books. Great for communting. Love the stories too.

  68. Sue Bowman says:

    Just finished The Letters. Great story; I really enjoyed the historical documentation

  69. larryhills says:

    love to know more about you and love to have a copy of your novol

  70. Victoria MacKenzie says:

    I just found one of your books at the downtown branch of FVRL. Well done!
    We are probably neighbors.

  71. Nancy says:

    Auntie, you never fail to amaze me. i love your books and i cant wait to see what you do next.

  72. julia says:

    i love it!

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